How I can help

The commonest form of direct support you can give is a financial gift, either on a one-off basis or by means of a regular monthly contribution. You can also help implement sports projects and events as a partner to the foundation by providing material support, the use of sports venues or professional services. We have prepared an interesting range of partnership options for corporate donors and sponsors.


How I can obtain support

The Tomáš Berdych Foundation provides support in a number of ways. The first opportunity available to you is to respond to one of the grant invitations opened and take advantage of the chance of obtaining a special-purpose grant. The foundation can, in extraordinary cases, also be addressed with the offer of participation in a new joint project or participation in an existing project. An individual approach is taken to such applications according to the current situation.    

Need help

“I believe that my name can become a symbol of how sport can effect the lives of each and every one of us. My wish is for people who need help to be able to turn to us with a request for support.”

Tomáš Berdych
Tennis player, Patron of the Foundation, Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Current projects

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