How to support the Tomáš Berdych Foundation 

We are an independent foundation established with the aim of supporting the development of sports activities for children and adults alike. The core value of the foundation is social responsibility.

Any DIRECT FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE, no matter how small, helps our foundation meet its goals and provide specific help where it is most needed. The advantage of donorship is the fact that it is tax-deductible.

CORPORATE PARTNERSHIP AND SPONSORSHIP will make you an equal partner to the Tomáš Berdych Foundation, so do not hesitate to contact us. We have prepared an interesting range of sponsorship options for you and are open to partnership co-operation in the provision of support.

“I know that an individual’s sporting successes are closely connected with the support he or she receives during the course of his or her career. I am aware of how much luck I have had in life on the journey towards my dream, and I would now like to help those who have not had as much luck as I have. I firmly believe that the foundation can provide the kind of support that we get thanks to our professional activities. We would like to thank everyone who has decided to help the Tomáš Berdych Foundation in this from the bottom of our hearts.”

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Tomas Berdych Foundation

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I.R. Number: 015 73 888
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