Grant support

Financial grant support is provided on the basis of a written application twice a year, generally in the months of March and October of the given calendar year. Applications targeting the key area of support declared in the given calendar year, projects implemented on the basis of co-operation between more than one entity, and projects that can be considered sustainable are given preference during the course of the selection process.

Who can submit a request for a grant?

Only persons whose business offices, place of business or home address is registered in the Czech Republic may apply for a grant in 2015. Please study our Rules for the Provision of Contributions from Foundation Means and the Statutes of the Tomáš Berdych Foundation before submitting your application.

What should my application look like?

Please submit your request for financial support exclusively by using the Application Registration Form given below. A completed Application for the Allocation of a Foundation Grant must comprise an integral part of your application.

Do you need our advice?

Send your form to us giving the questions you would like to ask in the form of notes if you have completed most of your application and want to make sure you have made no formal mistakes or want some advice about what could still be improved. We can call you and offer you a brief consultation over the telephone on the first Wednesday of every month. We provide consultation on completed application forms at least 14 days before the deadline for their receipt.

Grant invitations 2015

No grant invitations have been announced yet. Their announcement is expected in April/May 2015.