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How to obtain support from the Tomáš Berdych Foundation

GRANT SUPPORT is provided in accordance with the aims and purpose of the foundation. The Tomáš Berdych Foundation provides investment and non-investment grants in the form of financial means, specific materials and services, or grants in any other form deemed appropriate or expedient by the Administrative Board of the Foundation in specific cases in accordance with the valid legislation of the Czech Republic. Such grants may take the form of one-off support or repeated support.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for CO-OPERATION OR PATRONAGE in the organisation of a sporting programme or event. Support provided in the form of co-operation always depends on the current possibilities open to the foundation.

“One of the foundation’s main priorities is the wish for sport to become part of the everyday life of the majority of the population, for which reason we are trying to help make sports activities accessible to people facing limitations caused by a lack of money, while also striving for the promotion of sport in society at the same time. It is often difficult to ask for help, but when you know that investing in sport makes good sense you need have no fear in contacting us.”

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Tomas Berdych Foundation

Na Pankráci 1683/127
Praha 140 00
I.R. Number: 015 73 888
VAT ID: CZ 015 73 888

account number (CZK): 107-4811540287/0100
IBAN: CZ 57 0100 0001 0748 1154 0287