Partners, sponsors and donors

The Tomáš Berdych Foundation is committed to financial independence of state subsidies and contributions. The vast majority of our activities are only possible thanks to your decision to invest with the foundation in the development of sport and support for sportsmen and women. We have nothing but respect for everyone who shares our belief in the importance of sport to the lives of each and every one of us and who invests their time, money and work in our common goals.

Our shared and public thanks go to you on this page!

Golden sponsors


Strabag a.s. is a leading construction company in the Czech Republic. It constructs works of all kinds in the areas of transport construction, building construction and civil engineering.

Silver sponsors

DyCom Group, s.r.o. – BMW Karlovy Vary

DyCom Group, Ltd. – BMW Karlovy Vary is an authorized dealer of BMW in Carlsbad. It deals with the sale and servicing of new and used BMW cars, spare parts and original BMW accessories.


X Production

DAV, a.s.

Mezuza, s.r.o.



Pavel Ohera