Who have we already helped?

They say you get the most beautiful view of the world from the back of a horse. Anastasja, who is twenty-two, would certainly agree with this – she has had cerebral palsy since she was born, but nothing has stopped her riding horses and doing dressage with great success. She has been champion of the Czech Republic several times and has had one success after another in international competitions. Although she gets around on crutches and in a wheelchair, you would hardly know she’s handicapped if you saw her in the saddle. It is an honour for the Tomáš Berdych Foundation to have been able to support such a talented horsewoman and we hope she continues to overcome all the hurdles she encounters along her way in life!

The winner of the main prize in the on-line game Sazka Fantasy, a tennis racket signed by Tomáš Berdych, was Martin H.
Sazka Fantasy is a sports game in which you can pick your own team from real players and win points for their performances giving you the chance of winning thousands of crowns and unique material prizes.
All at absolutely no cost!

Sazka Fantasy web

Do you remember Amálka and Štěpánek who the Tomáš Berdych Foundation helped experience summer adventures at camp? Our contribution was also enough for an autumn weekend trip on which they again had plenty of fun. Everyone did everything they could to ensure their satisfaction. We are delighted that there are people around us who devote their time to children, respect their limits and see the beauty in their uniqueness. Thanks to them, we know that giving a helping hand is well worthwhile!

We greatly appreciate all strong partners whose help allows us to support the people who need it, for which reason we have joined the Sazka Fantasy project which gives you the chance of competing and winning super prizes! Try out the job of a sports manager, pick your team made up of real players and win original tennis gear from Tomáš Berdych. Let us know how you get on!

Sazka Fantasy web

What kind of summer would it be without summer camp? The Tomáš Berdych Foundation has helped seven-year-old Štěpánek, who suffers from autism, a mental disability and many other medical complications, to enjoy a wonderful holiday experience. Sometimes our words are meaningless and mums say it best – “I would like to thank you once again from the bottom of my heart for the help you provide and for helping us. Štěpánek had a great time at camp where he had lots of adventures, fun and exciting moments and where he got to know a new environment and new friends, and even though we missed each other, I know for certain that he got a great deal out of camp. He came back happy and content, and that is the most important thing for me. I would like to thank you time and again for making another child happy.”
Thanks to our contribution another weekend trip in the autumn awaits Štěpánek and his handicapped sister Amálka, so we hope both children have a great time and their mum has some time to get her strength back while they’re away 🙂

Have you ever heard of showdown or goalball? These are names of sport disciplines designed for blind and visually handicapped people in TJ Zora Praha z.s. – blind sportsmen. Apart from that, they may practice bowling, cycling, windsurfing and other action sports. How is that possible? Also thanks to the Tomáš Berdych Foundation, handicapped sportsmen have the chance to train, improve, build their self-esteem and finally – to win. Hats off to their determination!

When was the last time you received a birthday present that changed your life a little? David, who is now sixteen, did not have an easy start in life – he was born prematurely and suffered from serious medical consequences after birth that still affect him to this day. This does not, however, prevent him and his whole family from looking for ways of doing sport together. By happy coincidence, it was on his birthday that he received the news that, thanks to a contribution from the Tomáš Berdych Foundation, he would be able to get the specially modified recumbent bike he had dreamed of. So let’s wish his whole family good cycling!

Hello, I would like to invite you to the fourth year of the Tennis Arena Kids Tour – a unique series of international tennis tournaments for young children whose partner this year is once again our foundation #tomasberdychfoundation. The opening event of the Czech part of the tour has already begun in Frýdek-Místek and is to come to a climax on 11 and 12 November in Štvanice in Prague where the KIDS FINAL CUP is to be held. The best singles players from the Czech Republic, Austria and Slovakia will be playing in the event!
I would like to wish all those taking part the very very best of luck.

We often hear that today’s children do nothing but sit at the computer and that they get no exercise. This certainly isn’t the case in Veselí nad Lužnicí, where the Tomáš Berdych Foundation has provided support for the sports club Lokomotiva! We would like to introduce you to some ice hockey players who aren’t put off their stride easily, and to give you the proper dose of loco-motivation!

You might think that the Tomáš Berdych Foundation only supports promising athletes, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! We have also helped Michalka who is fighting bravely against a serious illness of unknown origin. She is dependent on help from her loved ones, and her parents are doing all they can to ensure she gets the kind of care that will improve her life to the greatest possible degree. Little Michalka and all her family deserve our admiration and support!

Did you know that the town of Uherské Hradiště has its own golf star? Her name is Magdalena Červinková and she’s been playing golf from the age of five. She takes part in many tournaments at home and abroad every year and has been going from one success to another. At the age of fourteen, she knows that the path to her dream demands lots of time, energy and self-denial. The Tomáš Berdych Foundation has already supported her on her journey towards her dream and we will continue to keep our fingers crossed for her!

Rapids are no laughing matter, but Tereza Knéblová is in her element on the water. The fourteen-year-old kayaker, who is receiving the support of the Tomáš Berdych Foundation on her path to success, has already taken part in her first international event in Slovenia. She is now training hard in advance of races to be held in Špindlerův Mlýn, one of the toughest of courses, in two weeks’ time. But Tereza looks very much at home in her kayak, so we have no reason to worry and will be cheering her on enthusiastically!

We are always delighted to see that our help has really proved beneficial. Thanks to the support of the Tomáš Berdych Foundation, Dominika took part in the last International Paralympic Swimming European Championships where she reached the final of the 200-metres free style. Thanks to everyone who supports Dominika!

The Tomáš Berdych Foundation has provided help where it was needed on a number of occasions in the past. The handicapped swimmer Dominika Míčková, who was declared one of the best athletes in the City of Brno in 2013 and 2014, is just one of those to have received our support. Dominika has been in a wheelchair since she was little due to a congenital defect to the spine. She has devoted herself to swimming since she was ten and says that what she likes most about swimming is the freedom of movement it brings and the fact that there are no barriers in the water. Indeed, the freedom to do sport and overcoming barriers are things that all the people and projects supported by the Tomáš Berdych Foundation have in common. So thanks for cheering us on!


It is a great honour for us to have been able to support the development of the application Záchranka (Rescue) for Apple Watch.

SportBiz has chosen THE BEST LONG-TERM MARKETING PROJECTS IN CZECH SPORT IN THE YEAR 2015. And in the words of SportBiz:
Tomáš Berdych has long been an athlete who is aware of the opportunity offered by honest communication with fans on social networks. His Twitter account was recently declared the best on the ATP Tour. The new project from his foundation, whose primary goal is to support sports for children and adults alike (though it is also active in other areas), is of a similar nature.
“A Helping Hand for Sport” is one of the foundation’s projects and gives the foundation’s supporters the chance of purchasing a bracelet that entitles them to discount prices on sports and sports lessons.

The first year of the TBF TENNIS CUP, the proceeds of which went in full to support the Tomáš Berdych Foundation, was held on Friday 18 September 2015 at the Opava Tennis Centre. The patron of the Tomáš Berdych Foundation came to Opava with his wife Ester to open the tournament. Tennis of a high standard was displayed by all those taking part.

We invited all tennis fans and sports enthusiasts to an afternoon full of fun, tennis and a great many other attractions.
It was wonderful. You had the chance of trying out a number of tennis skills and enjoying a wonderful day with us all in Lužánky in Brno.
A HELPING HAND FOR SPORT – TENNIS IN ALL ITS FORMS was an event for children, adults and whole families interested in a healthy lifestyle and tennis.
The event in Lužánky also featured:
a demonstration of the game of tennis
the chance to try out your game against a professional tennis player
measuring the speed of your tennis serve
tennis skills competitions for children in all age categories
a trampoline and ropeway
tastings of healthy foods
refreshments, and all the children at the event received a small gift from us.

We certainly didn’t take it easy at the foundation during the summer months, and provided another three applicants with financial and material support. Drnovice Sports Club, the Study Endowment at the Sports Grammar School in Brno and material support for a 12-year-old kayaker.

The Tomáš Berdych Foundation allocated a total of 250,000 Czech crowns in June 2015 to the delight of young tennis players, handicapped swimmers and children from children’s homes. 

The Tomáš Berdych Foundation expanded its activities in June 2015 to take in support for the Movement for Clean Water by taking part in the event Tennis for Water in Peoria, IL, USA. It donated a special H&M t-shirt signed by Tomáš Berdych for the tombola. One hundred percent of the proceeds of the entire Tennis for Water event will go towards providing Water of Life systems to those who need them.

On 7 January 2015, the Tomáš Berdych Foundation received official support from the International Tennis Federation’s ATP ACES for Charity in the form of a grant of 15,000 Euro. This financial support will go towards the implementation of the project Sport with the Tomáš Berdych Foundation which is a pilot project from the foundation.

The Tomáš Berdych Foundation contributed to the charity tombola held by the Kolečko foundation on 19 September 2014. Since it was established, the Kolečko foundation has been providing material support for eight Paediatric Trauma Centres in Krč and Motol in Prague, Plzeň, Ústí nad Labem, Hradec Králové, České Budějovice, Brno and Ostrava.

The Tomáš Berdych Foundation has provided support in the form of the sum of 20,000 Czech crowns to winner of the category Talent of the Year in the poll Athlete of the South Moravian Region 2014 and eight-times Czech Champion in track cycling sprint disciplines Jiří Janeček, who also took part in the International Children’s Games in 2011 and holds the record for the one-kilometre time trial.

In 2014, Tomáš Berdych donated 15,000 crowns in support of BabyBoxes.

“Because I believe that every life is important.”